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Hangin with Old Lew *the podcast your momma loves

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Dec 20, 2016

In our holiday special we talk about Creature Features, Sudafed buzzes, The Daily Show, jalapeno poppers, Bo Jackson, condoms, Pam Anderson, #TWD, lucid dreaming, sociopaths, #recount2016, bad eggrolls, the high jump, Kanye, and Big Bother Brock and Ghett

Dec 5, 2016

We talk about junior high school dances, donkey parades, pawn shops, #TRUTH, neck tattoos, bachelorette parties, holiday travel, electrical college, #thompetty, working class whites, #nodapl, the Raiders, we break down prop 64 and I confuse Steve Bannon with Captain Steve Austin. Brought to you by Carls Jr.