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Hangin with Old Lew *the podcast your momma loves

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Thanks for checking out the show! We're stoked to have you spend a little time Hangin' with Old Lew! Drop any questions or comments below.

Feb 25, 2020

We discuss kidnapping white people and making them watch Roots to help them confront their racism, everything is rigged, everyone is bought, lotto scratchers, eating monkeys and owls, Old Lew is paranoid, 1980 Pontiac Sun Bird, hanging Old Lew, stealing flowers from the Embarcadero Center, $10,000 bongs Joshua can't see...

Feb 10, 2020

We talk about J. Lo and Shakira and Blanche Devereaux, finding inspiration instead of defaulting to hating, Joshua's man muscles, Kobe, Snoop Dogg and Gayle King, Old Lew doesn't drink whiskey (!?!?), we question what happens in heaven and play music by Mister Oomph (25:10) and It's Butter (59:33)

Mistoer Oomph:

Jan 27, 2020

We talk about Joshua's youngest using the potty, Virginia gun rally, college basketball brawls, Marine Corps shooting medals, Astros wearing band aids, Iowa polls, Jeff refuses to say the 49ers are good and we play music by Lapdogs (28:04) and Tula Vera (53:30)


Jan 13, 2020

We discuss Australian fires, functionally extinct koalas, fuck kangaroos, why leaders love Trump, Colin Kaepernick and everything is racism, Dr. Pepper and Bloody Marys, Arianna Grande, Ricky Gervais is the honey badger, Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation, Jeffery Epstein, Vicky Christa Barcelona, we run out of gas...

Jan 1, 2020

We talk about the Podcast Pulitzer Prize, safe places for men, Mystery Science Theater 3000, the urban movie going experience, ye olde sayings, future selves, backyard genetics, the VA and medical cannabis, holding pads for spazzes, New Years resolutions, Old Lew's back hurts and we play music by Big Mack (32:12)