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Hangin with Old Lew *the podcast your momma loves

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Apr 22, 2019

We lay an egg all over Easter and discuss whether or not Jesus was real, why Jews don't celebrate this holiday and remind priests to stop raping children, we talk Asians are the new white people, the French love a good smoke, and two black men in a Mercedes roll up on some rednecks in the middle of the desert. Hold on...

Apr 8, 2019

We talk about State nicknames, tap water, being home alone, reparations, homeless encampments, discuss the Mueller Report, Trump, the Democratic Presidential field, and redemption in the public sphere with Jeff Dinsmore of Dad Jeans (0:20:32) and play music by Bay Area singer Tree Thomas (1:17:47).


Apr 1, 2019

Ep.073 "Old Men & Bad Choices"

We discuss if Jeff was a car, what kind would he be; Jordan Peele, Jussie Smollette and why it's racist to date white people; throwing people in jail; Robert Kraft; the college admission scandal; testosterone replacement therapy; showering in your underwear, I get angry at Jeff; we chat with...